Eastern Briefing July 17
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Good Morning!
Happy Game of Thrones day to everyone who follows the unlikely events going on in Westeros. For the United States it may occur on Sunday night but for the rest of the world for the next two months, every Monday morning is Game of Thrones time!
Cod Satrusayang
ANN Managing Director
  Pakistan launches anti islamic-state near Afghan border  
  The Pakistan armed forces will conduct anti terrorism operations near the border with Afghan to stop Islamic State from gaining a foothold inside Pakistan. A spokesman for the Pakistani Army said that ISIS has gained momentum inside Afghanistan and the Pakistan forces would do its utmost to stop any cross border spillover.

The spokesman, Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor rejected claims that Daesh ─ or the militant Islamic State (IS) group ─ has any organised infrastructure in Pakistan. "We will not allow them to establish themselves. In Afghanistan, yes, it is getting stronger, but we don't believe it is the same as the Daesh in the Middle East," he said.
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China conducts war games on Tibetan Plateau
The People's Liberation Army recently carried out a live-fire assault exercise on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, intending to improve its troops' combat capability on such locations, according to the military, local media reported Monday.

Tibet is considered a part of China proper and granted an autonomous status with limited-self rule. The area has also close to border zones between China and India which has been under scrutiny for the past weeks.
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Indonesian oil giant acquires stake in Australian mining company
Publicly listed oil and gas company PT Medco Energi Internasional, through its subsidiary PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMNT), is set to acquire 44.3 percent of the shares of Australia-based mining contractor MacMahon Holdings.

“The approval of MacMahon’s shareholders is expected to be obtained in July. Under the agreement, the transaction will be completed on or before Sept. 29,” Medco stated in a statement published on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) website on Friday.
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Bangladeshi flood waters receding but challenges remain
The flooding situation in Bangladesh slightly improved over the weekend, but the strong current of the Padma river began to eat away many houses in vulnerable areas
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Thai official heads to US to seek luxury-monk extradition
A team from Office of the Attorney-General and Depart-ment of Special Investigation (DSI) departed to the United States yesterday to bring the fugitive ex-monk Wirapol Sukphol, better known as Luang Pu Nenkham, back for prosecution in Thailand.
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