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Greetings and Salutations
I saw a political cartoon that describes some of what i feel towards the Rohingya crisis earlier today. While its undoubtedly true that Myanmar has created and perpetuated much of the deplorable conditions the Rohingya face in Rakhine, the international community are also a bit hypocritical in that regard. They are quick to criticize Myanmar, but slow to offer solutions and almost none will accept any refugees.
Cod Satrusayang
ANN Managing Director
  Pakistan open to joint Afghan border patrol  
  Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said on Tuesday that his country was willing to set up joint patrols with Afghanistan to combat militants along their porous border. His remarks came weeks after President Donald Trump called on Pakistan to do more to eliminate militant sanctuaries, a long-standing US demand. “We are open for joint patrolling, we are open for joint posts” along the border with Afghanistan, Mr Abbasi told reporters in Islamabad. “We will put up a fence there; the Afghans are welcome to put up another fence on their side,” he said.

The prime minister denied Pakistan was harbouring militants, insisting it was “fighting agents of chaos”. “All the criminal elements we are fighting are based in Afghanistan,” Mr Abbasi said. Mr Trump called on Pakistan to eliminate militant sanctuaries in a speech laying out a new strategy to try and win the 16-year-old war in Afghanistan. Mr Abbasi said his government had yet to receive any specific demands from the Trump administration, adding that Pakistan would act on any information shared by US authorities.
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Philippines government gives HRC $20 budget
The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to give a P1,000 budget ($20 USD) to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) for 2018, a critical government agency that Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez had threatened leaving with a measly 2018 budget.

The decision of the House to gut the CHR budget from the proposed P649.484 million down to P1,000 apparently was the result of Alvarez making good his word to give the commission, long critical of the administration’s war on drugs, a measly budget, which would render it ineffective in its operations next year.
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Hawks outnumber doves in South Korea
To South Koreans, North Korea has never been a foreign country. Despite the war six decades ago and occasional military conflicts with it thereafter, North Koreans were always “brethren” who share the same history, culture and language. Even at the height of inter-Korean tensions, there were always people in the South who sympathized with the sufferings of those across the border.

This complex sentiment toward North Korea is now giving way to a more hawkish one, as the communist regime, under the young third-generation leader Kim Jong-un, has been stepping up military provocations.
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Thailand signs trade deals with Japan
Thailand and its Japanese trade counterpart yesterday signed seven formal agreements covering industrial upgrades, investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), human development, and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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UN agency conducts nuclear inspection in China
The International Atomic Energy Agency commended China's efforts and accomplishments in nuclear security after conducting its first nuclear security advisory mission to the nation, according to the China Atomic Energy Authority.
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