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Let me tell you of an insurgency that has killed over 6,500 people since 2004. This separatist insurgency has been ignored by politicians while the army use it as a excuse to keep upgrading weapon systems. Would it surprise you to know that this is happening in Thailand?
Cod Satrusayang
ANN Managing Editor
  As Belt and Road opens new doors across globe, Italy to play a key role  
  East-West relations have entered a new phase. Global integration, with sustained increases in crossborder exchanges of goods, technology, knowledge and resources, has reshaped international relations, spurring economic development of traditionally marginal regions and encouraging economic convergence among poorer and richer areas.

The phenomenon has received great impetus from the possibilities offered by technological progress and the increase in physical and digital connectivity, strongly enhanced by the modernization and innovation efforts of Asian countries. What we have seen and are still seeing, indeed, is not a simple shift of production from the West to the East, but a real change in production models.
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Modi or Gandhi? Indian mystics split over poll outcome
Transgender mystic Zoya Lobo turns over three oracle cards, studies them for a minute and looks up. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will definitely win India's general election this summer, she proclaims.
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Diplomatic thaw prompted active inter-Korean exchanges in 2018
South Korea greatly expanded exchanges and cooperation with North Korea last year, buoyed by a diplomatic thaw following three inter-Korean summits, according to a new white paper published by the Ministry of Unification on Thursday.
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PM Khan receives Malaysian premier Dr Mahathir
Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad arrived in Islamabad on Thursday evening for a three-day visit to Pakistan. According to Radio Pakistan, the Malaysian premier is visiting on the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan, and will be the chief guest at the Pakistan Day parade on March 23.
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No sign of concrete policies for conflict in Thailand's restive south
Parties offer few if any answers for a 15-year-old deadly insurgency that successive govts have failed to quell.
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