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Good Morning
I wish I was rich enough to have an offshore bank account. Alas, I will just have to settle on browsing the Panama  Paper leaks and live vicariously through all these tax avoiders.
Cod Satrusayang
ANN Cayman Island Liason
  China says US threats forcing retaliation  
  The United States' capricious way of policymaking and swinging "big sticks" at negotiations will do no good in solving problems, and China has to take strong countermeasures, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday. Gao Feng, spokesman for the ministry, said the two sides had achieved positive outcomes in the agriculture and energy sectors during previous talks both in Washington in May and in Beijing early this month.

"The two sides had agreed to have another round of talks on manufacturing and service sectors and hold a detailed discussion on the structural issues in the following days," Gao said. "However, we are deeply sorry that the US has been acting unpredictably with its policy-making and has triggered a trade war."

Gao said despite the positive outcomes of earlier talks, China is being forced to respond in a strong manner. "The US is accustomed to negotiating with others while holding 'big sticks'," Gao said. "But it does not work with China, and such irrational behavior will do no good in solving any issue."
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N Korea has blown up 4 test sites claims Trump
US President Donald Trump said Thursday that North Korea has already destroyed four of its big test sites on the road to "total denuclearization."
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Panama Papers again: 12,000 new documents link Indians to secret tax havens
The new Indian names include PVR Cinemas owner Ajay Bijli and members of his family, industrialist Sunil Mittal’s son and Hike Messenger CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal, and Jalaj Ashwin Dani, son of Asian Paints promoter Ashwin Dani, among others
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Najib's signature all over 1MDB documents
Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said it was impossible for former premier Najib Razak to be unaware of the transactions involving state fund 1MDB as he had claimed in an interview.
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  Concerns raised by central bank chiefs  
  An array of concerns were raised by Japanese, U.S. and European central bank chiefs on Wednesday over the negative impact of global trade friction triggered by import restrictions imposed by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

They discussed their views during the European Central Bank’s annual forum, held in Sintra, Portugal. “It’s not easy and it’s not yet time to see what the consequences on monetary policy [of the trade frictions can be],” ECB President Mario Draghi said. “There’s no ground to be optimistic on that.”
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